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for demand-response and fixed route service.
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Demand-Response has too many manual and inefficient steps for getting a driver to a rider.
1. Rider calls a phone number
2. Rider waits on hold
3. Rider verbally relays pickup location, dropoff location, number of passengers and other details
4. Dispatcher types these details into a "dispatch software"
5. Software runs a batch process several hours later to schedule the ride
6. Dispatcher /Scheduler manually assigns rides to drivers
7. Rider calls to ask where driver is
8. Driver reaches location and radios dispatcher that the rider is not there yet
9. Rider arrives, Driver radios disaptcher that rider has been picked up
10. Driver radios dispatcher that rider has been dropped off
RideCell Demand-Response software automates requests, dispatch, scheduling, routing, notification and pairs world-class rider and driver apps with insightful analytics so you are constantly improving your operations.
A large percentage of fixed routes have low ridership at times. It's expensive to run a route with low ridership.
RideCell's detailed, real time ridership insights paired with a hybrid fixed-route + demand-response solution allow you to fluidly combine fixed route with demand-response or deviated fixed-route approaches to minimize cost-per-passenger while improving wait times
You buy or lease vehicles to meet your peak demand, spending valuable capital. These vehicles sit idle at non peak times.
RideCell's fleet-as-a-service allows you to dynamically increase or decrease the size of your fleet. You have pay as you go access to a fleet of trained, background checked drivers and vehicles through a single click in the software. The software's built in demand-supply prediction tells you exactly how many vehicles you'll need.
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Use our app to make a request and a driver comes to pick you up.
Fixed Route
Track your fleet on a map. Get precise ETAs and plan your trip better.
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"The analytics helped us see all these patterns that we never saw before."
Max Seneff, Manager Dispatch Communications, Case Western Reserve University
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