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High-yield shared mobility

To build a thriving shared mobility service you need more than an app and a fleet of vehicles. You need a stellar customer experience, a highly utilized fleet, and incredibly efficient operations. When these three things come together, something magic happens. We call it High-yield Shared Mobility. Ridecell provides the software, services, and ecosystem relationships you need to get you there. Whether you need a complete end-to-end platform or are looking to level-up an existing operation, Ridecell has you covered.

The 3 keys to a profitable shared mobility service

The right mix of capabilities to increase your revenue, lower your costs, and achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. Learn More

high quality customer experience

High quality customer experience

To attract and keep customers takes more than a fleet of vehicles and a good app. It takes an experience that delights customers through every step.

High fleet utilization

High fleet utilization

Shared mobility fleets are an expensive asset. An active fleet is business critical. Every minute your vehicles sit idle is lost revenue.

High efficiency operations

High efficiency operations

Having the data is not enough. Understanding data patterns and automating business decisions in real-time allows services to operate at peak performance.

Multiservice offering

A platform built for performance today and tomorrow

As the preferred platform for automotive OEMs and shared mobility operators around the world, Ridecell helps you address ongoing challenges and fast-track profitability — all while preparing for the future.

Flexibility and Control
Use the Ridecell platform to launch a new service or to add new capabilities to an existing one. Our suite of services and developer tools offer flexibility when it comes to building a market leading competitive shared mobility business.

Future proof innovation
Ridecell offers the only shared mobility platform that scales from today’s driven services to tomorrow’s autonomous service offerings. Launch carsharing today and integrate self-driving vehicles into the fleet when the time is right.

Collaborative partner ecosystem
Shared mobility success requires more than a platform, a fleet, and a marketing department. It need an excosystem of related services. Ridecell has created a robust partner ecosystem with insurance companies, telematics hardware providers and fleet service operators to enable faster launch and on-going growth.

Expertise and accountability
With more than ten years in the shared mobility space, we now power services for some of the world’s leading OEMs. Our expert design, launch and customer success teams have a singular focus on building profitable and sustainable businesses for our customers.

See the Ridecell Difference

Let machine learning and AI guide you to profitability
Increase your revenue and reduce costs while growing your customer base using advanced machine learning and AI capabilities from Ridecell. Transform operating expenses into revenue by understanding customer and fleet usage patterns and streamline fleet management with automated time-optimized tasks.

Use our intelligent platform to engage and delight customers
Attract high value customers with targeted marketing promotions personalized to their usage needs. Retain customers with tailored pricing and service advantages. Integrate real-time service operation events into CRM systems to enable better marketing campaigns.

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Our advanced platform allows you to address any of the following:



Innovate with free-floating or station-based services, adding advanced features like scheduled rentals.

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Leverage your fleet to offer ridesharing and optimize ride pooling.

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autonomous operations

Autonomous Operations

Operate and manage the autonomous ridehailing services of tomorrow.

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developer apis

Developer APIs

Create your own consumer app experience with our robust set of mobility APIs.

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