Autonomous new mobility

The self-driving revolution is happening now. Whether your vision is to set up self-driving shuttles on campuses and corporations or to launch a driver-free taxi operation, Ridecell has the platform to power your autonomous mobility service.

A fully autonomous service requires two essential elements: autonomous vehicles and a platform to manage the service. Ridecell has you covered with both. Auro, the new Ridecell Autonomous Driving Division, develops self-driving technology for shuttles designed for low-speed, private-road environments. The Ridecell autonomous operations platform provides the end-to-end management of operational functions in order to keep self driving vehicles fueled up, clean and maintained. Auro together with the autonomous operations platform will help you launch a fully operational self-driving shuttle service for your college campus, corporate park, or residential community, today.

Already developing your own autonomous vehicle program? If so, you need to investigate the Ridecell autonomous operations platform to understand how we can accelerate your autonomous pilot and market deployments. Our platform has already been chosen to power self-driving pilots on public roads and can work with any autonomous vehicle platform. Collaborating with Ridecell will enable you to become 100% operationally ready when it's time to launch your autonomous service.

You've been focusing on teaching your vehicles how to drive. Let us help you with the platform that gives your fleet the intelligence to manage its own operational tasks in routine and emergency circumstances. The platform will provide vehicle access to authorized service teams and even provide compliance reporting for your autonomous service. If you're interested in testing the platform, check in with our experts.
Ridecell Autonomous Operations Platform Features
Routine Servicing
Keep your vehicles in excellent condition with integrated automated maintenance features to direct the vehicles for refueling, maintenance, and cleaning.
Vehicle Access
Grant access to personnel with authentication for vehicle unlocking and verify that the correct riders have been picked up.
Emergency Response
Send and route support for impromptu cleaning, maintenance, and passenger pickups if breakdowns occur.
Compliance Reporting
Automate creation and sending of role and event based reporting per local regulations while maintaining data privacy compliance.
On-demand Ridehailing
Pick up and drop off your riders when and where they want, with intelligent vehicle-rider matching and dynamic routing.
Ridecell + Auro
Autonomous New Mobility. Ready Today.
Auro has joined Ridecell to make autonomous shuttles available today for campuses and private roads.
Learn more about Auro shuttle technology

“The convergence of mobility and autonomy is inevitable in the future, and critical for the success of both industries. Companies actually deploying real-life solutions in 2017 are frankly ahead of the game.”
Jeffrey Hannah, Director, North America, SBD